The average size for the ladies is a size N / 6.5 (medium), and for the gents it is a size T½ / 10 (enter this as a custom size at checkout).


BLT Jewellery uses standard UK (A-Z) sizing. My standard sizes are SMALL (L/5.5), MEDIUM (N/6.5) and LARGE (P/7.5). However, I hand make all of my pieces so they can made in any size. If you know your finger size simply choose the "Custom" option when ordering and mention your size at checkout or shoot me an email.

If you don't know your finger/ring size the most accurate way to determine it is to visit a jeweller (or myself if you live in Geelong) and have your finger professionally sized for you. The sizing instructions below can also be used, but please take care when measuring your size yourself, if the wrong size is ordered and the piece requires resizing, a resizing fee may apply. If resizing is required, customers are required to pay for return postage. In the case of a wrong size, please contact me for return instructions.



Cut a strip of paper (normal printer paper – 80gsm) 1cm wide. Wrap the paper around your finger, mark where the end meets, carefully cut off the excess and secure with some tape. Slip it onto your finger and move it around, making sure that it is snug, but not too tight and that it also goes over your knuckle comfortably. Cut the join and measure the length to the nearest millimetre. Send me this measurement and choose the "Custom" option when ordering and I will convert it to a finger size.

Contact me if you have any trouble :)