About BLT Jewellery

Bree Timmins Owner at BLT Jeweller

Hello! I’m Bree
(aka. Breanna Lee Timmins - BLT).

BLT Jewellery is designed and made by me in Geelong, Victoria.

A jeweller by trade I started working for myself and creating jewellery under my own name just over 8 years ago before my first son was born. When I’m not wrangling said 8-year-old and now his little brothers I am making jewellery.

I love creating things that are a bit different - If you can think of it, I can make it - and I LOVE a challenge!


Like to work with me?

I work from my studio inside Boom Gallery in Newtown Geelong Australia. Contact me if you'd like to make an appointment or to discuss custom designs, commissions, jewellery repairs or wholesale opportunities.


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Call me 0400 019 317

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